Spring 2016 Newsletter

In Celebration Of Spring 2016   Avalon Visions is celebrating our 23rd spring in beautiful Capitola Village.  In the past 2 years we have added healers to the services that we offer and all sorts of new products. We now have a huge line of clothing, crystal infused lotions, a new line of energy sprays, and so much more! Avalon Visions has always carried a number of unique locally made products … [Read more...]

Finally! Our huge selection of silk halter tops, pants, and skirts has arrived!

 Wow:  I can't believe how many cute silk skirts, pants, and tops we just got in!  I think that I lost count at about a fifty!  This is the biggest shipment of clothing that we've had in the stop....bar none!  This is really exciting! These are only available in our Capitola shop!  Really, really cool! Halter Tops $27.95  Lounge Pants, Elephant Pants, And Skirts $29.95  Extra Wide Bell Bottoms … [Read more...]

The 2016 Avalon Visions Recipe For Success

  In the summer of 2009 the economy tanked.  Who doesn't know that?  People lost their jobs, their homes, and their sense of well-being.  As a result, small shops like mine took solid hits, month after month.  Somehow, through the many lean months, Avalon Visions survived.  Year after year, through some of the worst financial times our country has faced, I set little goals...and generally, I met … [Read more...]

Really…it works??

So, here I am trying to see if the new blog works while the front door is still open and the temperature here in the shop is now dropping to what feels like SUB-ZERO! … [Read more...]